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New VMBU Anomolies

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New VMBU Anomolies

There appears to be some errors or issues with the new VMBU.
On the first page you get it shows the total and how this is made up, in my case it is showing
Total 20.55GB
755.26MB Peak
1.87GB Off Peak
The breakdown figures are actually for this weeks total (Mon and Tue) as shown at the bottom of the same page.
Usage this month is starting on a Tuesday where as the weekly shown above starts on a Monday, could this be made the same for easier reading?
Finally I am showing 7GB in total for Broadband Calls, is it possible to get any more info on this. We both work from home but don't use VOIP very much, I would expect the majority of traffic to be classed as VPN but I can't see where this would be classified
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Re: New VMBU Anomolies

Hi scfnet
Your first anomaly was discussed here.

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