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New Invoice Changes

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Re: New Invoice Changes

I had a VAT inspection 18 months ago and the guy was really nice. I told him (and showed him) that I claimed 100% of my phone internet use but none of my gas and electric for home office use, on the basis that it was a workable compromise and he said it was it was very sensible and was happy to sign it off.

The Guy on the phone was equally nice and helpful.


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Re: New Invoice Changes

It's a long time since I had to produce VAT invoices but I know then that at the very least you had to have your VAT number on it, and it was recommended that the VAT amount was shown.  That was for both private and business customers.  If you look at most shop till receipts of larger stores. including food, they actually state the VAT details. Now there was a number of shops and small businesses, who were not showing those details even when over the VAT threshold, that did not show it and then Customs and Excise came down on them presumably as they thought they were keeping two sets of books, and it made it difficult for others to claim back the VAT. With everything becoming computerised it is possible to follow everything a lot more closely. 

Plusnet being a large company will be VAT registered and your local VAT inspector will know that and possibly accept the invoice/receipt without a VAT number, but that may vary from area to area.  However how hard is it for the VAT number to be included on all invoices/receipts?  Many small businesses and other organisations do not need a business tariff and a personal one will suffice but may still be able to claim back the VAT. A lot of voluntary and small charities will fall into this category.

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Re: New Invoice Changes

Plusnet are totally intransigent on this. Annoyingly their new invoices have the wording "This is not Vat Invoice"!!!!

The bill itself annotates the final amount as "inc. VAT" (and each subtotal in itemised sections).


But Plusnet have bigger issues as the new billing system is total [-Censored-]! Many Customers are still not getting correct bills 6 months after its introduction.  I have to request every month a refund for in-bundle calls that I'm being charged for. Plusnet management obviously have no fallback plan despite the fiasco that TSB Bank experienced just a few months before Plusnet introduced its new billing system - duh!! It's about time some heads rolled.