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New Customer

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New Customer

This could be fun ordered Plusnet on the 6th of August paid £35 upfront received router on 18th was connected on the 20th 

every night Netflix and Prime stop working the little circle thing round and round and round gave it 5 days lost 2 rooms with WiFi bought WiFi extender no difference 

been with bt for years no issues what so ever rang up to invoke the 14 days cancellation policy was told couldn’t as I was out of date they claim it starts from placing order so even though I paid for something up front that I didn’t get for 14 days now they say I should have cancelled without even trying it 

that totally contradicts distant selling regulations 

I have spoke with a team leader raised a compliant then it’s a quick email to Martian Lewis Which BBC watchdog Citizans advice and Ofcom 

i May have to put up with substandard performance and perseverance emails etc

They on the other hand will have to bill me each month no DD I ofcourse can wait till second letter to pay bill with no penalty the cost of postage and staff to check account and send out will add up

I live in Yorkshire so it will be a pleasure to go to head office every month with £10 in 10p that’s the legal limit £10 in 20p legal limit and £15 in 50p wait till they count it get a receipt nothing in T And C says you can’t 

Each time I see that Pratt on Tv saying well you proud I will send another letter of compliant that they need to answer for making false statements more time and effort which transmits to costs

Then official complaints with the regulators with view to challenge their Terms against Consumer Law more time and effort 

Consumer groups with the view of alerting all about they way they act with the view to adverse publicity in the hope that it effects their customer satisfaction 

I promise I will do them proud




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Re: New Customer

@simmac  Welcome to the forum.

You are obviously feeling bitter and twisted over the poor performance of your router. If you still have your BT Hub you can use that. Setting instructions are here.

If you haven't still got your BT hub come back and we can advise on how to get the best out of your Plusnet hub, just tell us which you have.

I would urge caution if you intend to play games with paying your bill. Plusnet are very good at suspending accounts and involving debt collection agencies. I doubt that the satisfaction you may gain will offset possible hassle.


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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New Customer

Hi @simmac,


I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing problems with your connection since moving to us and this is certainly something that we would like to resolve for you. I've attempted to test your line however it's not allowing me to run the test at the moment as it shows that there is currently a call in progress on the landline. Please contact us when the line is free and we will run the test again. To assist with our investigation, please can you also confirm whether this issue is solely affecting wireless connections or if wired connections are affected too?


In terms of the 14 day cooling off period, I can confirm that this begins on the day that you place the order not the day that your services are activated. This period gives the customer the opportunity to review the terms of the contract and to confirm that they are happy with them, and is not intended as a trial period of the service. This is in line with the Consumer Contract Regulations, which superseded the Distance Selling Regulations in 2014. This information is included within the welcome email that is sent to the customer when an order is in place and also forms part of the mandatory statement that our sales advisors must read and the customer must accept before we go ahead and place the order. I can see that a team leader is looking into this for you and is going to listen to the sales call to confirm whether this part of the mandatory statement was confirmed with you.


In terms of your payments, we are only able to accept payments that are made via direct debit, debit card or credit card. As @Baldrick1 has mentioned, we would recommend that the payments are made in line with the contract to avoid any service restrictions and additional charges.

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