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New Account - Direct Debit Not Showing At Bank

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New Account - Direct Debit Not Showing At Bank

A returning customer here...

I signed up to Plusnet on 05/05 for a new build property. Initially there was some back and forth with the builders and Openreach in terms of getting the phone line set up, however on 15/06 the broadband went live and everything has been smooth sailing since.

Back when I signed up on 05/05, I immediately got an email telling me that my Direct Debit instruction had been submitted. The page at tells me "You are currently paying by Direct Debit" and shows me the last few digits of my sort code and bank account number, as well as a reference number for the Direct Debit.

But, there's no sign of this Direct Debit in the list of Direct Debits on my online banking for my bank account. Usually when a company sets up a Direct Debit against my bank account, I can see that Direct Debit in the list of payees quite quickly, before the first payment has even been taken. This normally happens within a few business days - for example I set up a new Direct Debit last Wednesday for something else and it was visible in my online banking by Friday.

I'm confused as to why I can't see the Direct Debit for Plusnet against my bank account yet... Is it normal for Plusnet Direct Debit's to not appear until the last moment before first payment perhaps? Or is this the result some anomaly in the way they set up Direct Debits? Or - which is my worry - is it likely there's been a glitch or fault in the setting up of the Direct Debit for my account?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New Account - Direct Debit Not Showing At Bank

Hi there, glad to hear its all working for you. In regards to your direct debit I can see its all active from our side however when we take the first payment then it will show active on your side. By all means if the direct debit fails we will let you know and if need be we would need you to resubmit direct debit mandate.This is the link if need be.

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 Faisal J
 Plusnet Help Team