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My direct Debits

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Registered: ‎14-01-2014

My direct Debits

Previosly I had 2 accounts with which were transferred to lPlusnet.
I already had broadband from Plusnet.
2 direct debits have just come out of my account £19.99 and £35.72.
The first one makes sense, line rental and broadband.
But the second has no resemblance to anything on my online account? I'm not sure exactly how my bills are constructed, the 19.99 doesn't include calls, but the only calls listed are nothing like £6 something, but that can only be on one line, so I don't know what the calls are on the other?
Also am I receiving the £5 discount on both lines? I used to have 2 different accounts and logins with Yourcalls, but now only one so separating them is not easy.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) LinnPlusnet
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: My direct Debits

Hi cyprusstudio,
I'm sorry to hear you've been billed incorrectly. I have had a look into this and have created Ticket: 82170268 on your account. Please update your findings on this ticket so that we can further investigate this for you.