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My £75 REWARD CARD, please help

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My £75 REWARD CARD, please help

Hi there, 

I finally got my £75 pre loaded reward card in the post the other day which I I'm very happy about. However I was under the impression when I first joined that I'd be able to spend this money towards my bill to lower the cost each month, both my boyfriend and I had a look into this before we even joined but I can't seem to find anywhere where you can actually do this. Have we misunderstood the situation or does anyone know how to do it? Very grateful for any help. 

Best, Emma

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Re: My £75 REWARD CARD, please help

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Re: My £75 REWARD CARD, please help

Hi there @EMMAHULTMAN I am glad to hear you've got your card, if you wanted to use this against your bills then you'd have to take manual card payments against the balance on the account.

 Plusnet Help Team