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Moving house within contract

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Moving house within contract

I'm interested in upgrading to Fibre from ADSL BB. Trouble is, I'm not particularly enamored with my rented accommodation at the moment, so could potentially be moving within the next year or so. My current contract expires in a month. If I took out a new 12/18 month contract, then decided to move in 6 months time, could I take that service with me without incurring penalty fees (so anything other than the usual cost to move the service)? Would I have to renew the contract to another full 12/18 months if I moved to avoid any penalty fees?


Additionally, would I be able to upgrade before my contract runs out, thus starting a new contract, without incurring any fees of any kind?

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Moving house within contract


Apologies for the delay.


Yes, you can upgrade mid-contract for example from ADSL to Fibre.


If you do take a contract out and move premises, there are a few options for you so that you can avoid nasty bills. Contact our house move team when you're ready and we'll go through it.

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