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Moving house, take plusnet with me?

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Moving house, take plusnet with me?

Hi all,

Been with plusnet for a few years and have 3 months left in our current cantract. Moving house end of Feb. I note that the fee to move is £65.00 which I feel is quite excessive. I wondered whether it would be cheaper and less hassle to just leave and pay an early termination fee. Tried twice to call and talk it over but once hold for 35 minutes the first time and got bored, second time after twenty minutes they told me that the department I need was closed now.

Any thoughts? Any experience with this?


Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Moving house, take plusnet with me?

Hello @m3msu


If you decide to stay with us (and I hope you do), I'd advise to call this number: 0800 013 2632 (Selecting option 1, then option 1).


Th call will be routed directly to our House Moves team where there is usually no call queue or very little wait (around 5 mins or less).


Back open tomorrow at 8am, and closing at 8 in the evening as well.


I hope this helps you.



I believe that House Moves will waive the up front fee if you are happy to re contract.

I've joined the Plusnet Help Team as of May 2017. As such, I have a new forum account. Please direct any queries to @Gandalf. Thanks

 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Moving house, take plusnet with me?

Just moved into f.i.l.'s house and brought my PN package with me. We have kept his number - but only after a lot of calls to PN and many minutes spent listening to the VERY loud music on hold.

He was with PN and has 66% of his line rental left to run - but now unfortunately does not need a phone. So an 87 year old pensioner is effectively being done out of £124 for not reading the terms and conditions and cancelling within 14 days because he would not need it after 4 months.

Not a happy bunny.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving house, take plusnet with me?

Sorry to see this ceumur

Line rental saver is provided purely as an annual contract, I take it the broadband is supplied on a separate line to the one mentioned?

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