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Moving house costs

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Moving house costs

Hi guys, I just spoke with plusnet to let them know that I'm moving house. I checked,at the new address they can provide the same fibre broadband what I have now. There is a live landline/phone line at the address so should't be a big problem.( or yes) They want to charge me 65£ for moving house...obviously I said no. Why? Don't see the point why should I pay.  Later they tried to give me different options to renew my contract 18months (more expensive monthly payment).This is simply not acceptable, rip off. Does anyone else have/had similar issues? 

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Re: Moving house costs

@paksi87 the details on House moving costs are here

There are 2 options:-

1) retain your existing services and contract , this costs £65 , which covers the costs involved in discontinuing service at your old address and providing services at your new address.

2) start a new contract at your new address, any costs involved in removing/providing services are thus spread over the new contact and there are no up-front costs

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Re: Moving house costs

If you are currently under contract and don't want to pay cancellation charges then I guess that you're between a rock and a hard place in that you're not going to move for free. Let's face it, Plusnet and BT will have work to do to move your service, which has to be paid for by some-one.

Of course, if you're not under contract then that's another matter.

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