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Moving home query

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Moving home query

I have recently moved home and would like to bring my plusnet service with me it would currently cost me around £130 to cancel and I'm aware of the 65 charge for moving and the possible 49.99 to set up the phone line I was just wondering is their anyway to avoid the 65 charge as I have brought my router to my new home and plugged it into the phone line I found here( which is the exact same as the one at my old home a double dsl socket I believe it to be called) when plugged in the router showed an orange light with a flashing red broadband symbol cannot I not just call plusnet and have then change my address on their system and sned my Internet signals here? Is their really any need for an engineer when it clearly just needs activating on their end? I saw the orange light with flashing red broadband symbol a few times in my old address while having issues with the broadband so surely this means I just need the signals sending here as signal issues are what caused that at my old address I have been a plusnet customer for around 2 years now and don't feel I should pay to move home and keep my service, if so I I am tempted to pay the cancellation fee and start a new introductory offer with someone like talk talk who would give me broadband TV and phone for a lower price than what I currently pay for plusnets phone and broadband.
Any help appreciated thank you
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Re: Moving home query

If you read the legal bit in this You will find that you can move for free if you start a new contract. My advice is to ring and try to negotiate a decent deal in exchange for a new contract.

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Re: Moving home query

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Re: Moving home query

Hello @shane1995


Thank you for considering us with supplying a connection to your new premises.


I would advise you to get in touch with our House Move team, to see what offers they can provide you with supplying a broadband service to your new home.


Our House Move team will look into the best options available to you and will be able to discuss your contract in a more in-depth detail.


You can get in touch with our House Move team on 0800 013 2632, they are open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-7pm and on Sunday 9am-6pm.


The engineer fee covers a range of work that may be required to install our services. For example, a new line installation, an engineer access will be needed to install a new master socket into your premises. Another example would be when work will need to be carried out external to your premises, at your local cabinet box to install our services on a spare pair port. The engineer installation fee will covers these costs, like all suppliers that operate on the BT network, we carry out the engineer through Openreach who charge for their engineer appointments.


When there are options to take over a working line or restart a stopped line for free, we will always use this option. As this will mean you will not have to pay an engineer fee and makes the order easier to process for our house move and provisioning team.


I do hope this information has helped. Should you require any further assistance, please do get back in touch with us.


Best wishes.