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Moving from PN.

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Moving from PN.

Hi all,

FTTP will soon be available in my area and as PN still haven't sorted it out, I am likely to have to move to one of the other providers that will offer it.

My concern is my email and domain name, what will happen to those when I end my service with PN for FTTC?

Any input appreciated.



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Re: Moving from PN.

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Re: Moving from PN.

@RRM I'm not 100% certain as regards the domain as I've never had one, but I know you can retain emails as an 'email only' account - see numerous requests on this subject (and responses). I think the domain can be retained in a similar manner, but you would need confirmation from PN staff on that.

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Re: Moving from PN.

In theory it's possible @RMM, but only if the account is re-opened as a mail only account. I wouldn't worry about it in your case though, as your domain is linked to s separate legacy account. 

Give us a nudge once you've received your switch date, we'll get a ticket raised on the account and will action it to restore the account as a mail only account once you've transferred providers. 

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Re: Moving from PN.

Or you could sit tight and await FTTP availability from Plusnet, widely signposted as sometime this year.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Moving from PN.

From many years experience I never use the ISP email offering.

If you do decide to move on you will likely lose it or have to pay extra to retain it.

Let's be careful out there !