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Moving House

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Moving House

I have been in touch with yourselves by chat three times and still no one can help me - all they keep saying is I have to phone to move house.  I don't want to phone I just want my service moved.  I do not know why I can't change by email or you have a place to update your address and arrange a move (BT have this option).  Can someone please come back to me as my days are ticking away.

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Re: Moving House

I totally understand where you're coming from with reference to how other ISP's do things.

I'm certainly not defending PN here, but I suppose their reason why you need to call (0800 013 2632) them is so they have confirmation verbally that the new house details are 100% correct. I do recall somebody missing one digit off of their new home address number when using an online method and that caused all sorts of bother for them and their ISP as the home owner for the address given had their phone line taken over (it's like slamming). But please don't think I'm saying you would do the same.

I agree that in this day and age, more and more of us use online facilities and service provides tend to drag their heels a bit. PN may actually catch up in regards to some methods they currently employ.

With reference to your email address, this can be changed here -

(although I've not had to change any details yet, currently you can only change your phone number (both landline and mobile) and your email address using the above link)


 (edit to include the reference to using an online method as I forgot to write this on my original post)

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving House

Hi @Tigs1966,

Thank you for getting in touch with us regarding your query and welcome to the community forums.

The reason that we require you to call our house moves team is near enough exactly as @DS explained in there reply. We require this as we need to carry out checks on the address of the property that you will be moving to as we need to make sure it is the correct address with your self to in effect potentially stop taking over someone's line and also determine the state of the line connection at the premises to give you correct lead times and what type of order we need to place.

We also require that you call us as there are also contractual changes to your account that will need to be made dependent on what service you take.

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 Ben Babinski
 Plusnet Help Team