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Moving Home no broadband supported

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Moving Home no broadband supported

My Broadband contract is due to expire on 15th July 2019 I am moving home on the 1st May unfortunately plusnet does not support the area I have been very happy with the broadband i dont want to pay exit fees if broadband was available in my area i am moving i would be happy to continue but it is no 


please advise

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Re: Moving Home no broadband supported

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Re: Moving Home no broadband supported

Hi @raza,


Unfortunately, as per our terms and conditions that should you move and we're unable to provide service, early termination fees would apply. 


However, if you have Fibre and only standard ADSL broadband is available, you can downgrade to a standard  ADSL broadband package without incurring the early termination fees from the Fibre contract.


9. Moving home

9.1. If you want to move your broadband or fibre broadband service during your minimum term you may have to pay a home move fee as set out in the Price Guide or enter a new agreement with us with a new minimum term.

9.2. If you have fibre broadband, but we can't provide it at your new home, you can move to our broadband service without penalty.

9.3. If we can't provide any broadband service to your new home, you'll have to pay early termination charges as set out in the Price Guide.

9.4. Other home move charges (such as fees for installing a new line) may also apply as set out in the Price Guide.