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Moving Home - No fibre according to Openreach

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Moving Home - No fibre according to Openreach

I’m currently in the process of getting a new home, I’m not sure on the exact move in date but it should be within 5 weeks. I’ve currently got PlusNet Fibre Extra at my current home but I’ve checked Openreach website for my new property’s postcode and it says fibre is not available yet “but they’re working on it”. What does this mean for my current PlusNet contract? I’d be happy to stay with PlusNet but from the Openreach website we’ll be lucky to get 6 Mbps on ADSL which is rubbish compared to the 60+ we’re getting now. My PlusNet contract is until the end of June too. Can anyone advise on what happens?

Virgin is available in the area as well as good 4G mobile broadband.

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Re: Moving Home - No fibre according to Openreach

You’ll likely have to downgrade to standard broadband or pay early termination charges to leave.