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Monthly billing amount wrong no discount applied

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Monthly billing amount wrong no discount applied


I updated my contract in November I think and since then all my bells have been wrong for one thing or another. And no surprise this month. as none of the discount has been taken off. I wondered if it was to do with whats happening at the moment and i know there is not anyone there as iv tried to phone So if the discount system has to manually activated then I can see why? Anyway can you have a look and get back to me please?  If you need any correspondence on what the bill should be I have that also?  (Re Question 197366053 Dated 23/12/2019) Should help.

Also I wondered why there was no staff working from home as I thought it might be so easy for a internet tech firm. My daughters solicitors office has put s/w on there own laptops to enable access to work servers from home and that's a solicitors.. Plus its just I like to talk to people in matter like this and over money.


Regards Osh

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Re: Monthly billing amount wrong no discount applied

Hi, much the same  for me, whenever we owe them money they are on the case like a shot but when it is the other way round nobody seems to reply to posts, this is just the first month of problems for me but i can see it will escalate, put a post on here the other day about being overcharged but heard nothing.

Regards Dave