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Mobile phone call add-on

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Mobile phone call add-on

I have taken the mobile phone add-on for my landline, giving me 100 minutes to mobiles every month.  I have just checked my bill and I only made 2 calls to mobiles, one lasted 2 minutes and I wasnt charged.  The other lasted 8 minutes and I have been charged for it.  Please could you let me know the terms for this add on as if I am going to be charged anyway I should probably just take it off my account.  Thanks
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Mobile phone call add-on

I've taken a look at this for you. The call you've been charged for was from your previous bill (this was when you used over the 100 minutes allocated to you). As the call was made within this billing period, it is a chargeable call. The call is appearing on this months bill due to the delay between the call data being pushed through from BT. Further calls up to 100 minutes in this billing period to mobiles will be free (60 minutes at a time on each call).
I hope this helps.
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer