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Mobile phone bills and initial payment

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Mobile phone bills and initial payment

I moved to Plusnet on 22 Aug and paid an initial sign-up charge by debit card. I received my first bill on 23 Aug and it was paid via direct debit on 6 Sept. Yesterday I received my second bill stating that the direct debit will be taken on 7 Oct. Will the initial charge be ever paid back to me? I got in touch with Plusnet via their chat but I was told that everything is correct.. but I don't think so as I have paid an initial charge which has not been reflected anywhere on the bills?? Can anyone please clarify how this works?
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Mobile phone bills and initial payment


Hi @Mkmk13 


The initial charge you pay is your first months invoice. 


I've found your account from your forums details and taken a look, it doesn't appear that your initial payment is showing - this is an issues which has previously been resolved but it appears your account has slipped through the net. 


I'm going to refund you one months worth of service cost as that should more than cover your initial payment. 


Sorry that you were confused over this - it should have been raised to Ops by the people you spoke to on chat, I'll pass along some feedback. 





 - I cant refund as the payment is not showing (my poor choice of words there) but I will credit this against your account meaning that next month, you should have £0.00 taken via DD and the month after payment will resume as normal