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Mobile account login - Service Unavailable Error

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Registered: ‎10-07-2019

Mobile account login - Service Unavailable Error

I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced any issues with logging into their mobile account as I have done for the last couple of months as each time I query this with PN I get fobbed off.

If I try to login using my credentials (account number and password) it looks like everything is logging in ok and then suddenly redirects to an error page ( Using the same details I can login with the mobile app to get to my account details however that doesn't help as I want to change my billing date which I can only do through the website as far as I know! I've changed the password in case there is some issue with that and still arrive at the same result.

I have raised this a couple of times now with support only to be told that it will be escalated to operations and to keep trying again, and then hear nothing ever again. Two months later I am still without access to the account.....



Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Mobile account login - Service Unavailable Error

Thank you for your post, @andreas4365 and Welcome to our Community!


We're sincerely sorry to hear that this has happened and that you're still no further forward.


So that I can pass validation and access the account to chase this up, can you please PM me:


- Your full name

- The account holders full name (if different)

- Confirmation that you are the account holder

- Characters 6 & 10 of your memorable place

- The last 2 digits of the sortcode and account number used to make payment each month


As soon as I have this I'll be able to chase this issue up and hopefully get it resolved.