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Mobile Connection Charging

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Mobile Connection Charging

I don't know how many of us use our landline to ring our mobiles when we can't find them. Quite a few I'd guess! For the last couple of months I've noticed some extra charges appearing on my Anytime contract. When I spoke to customer Service they told me it was for calls to mobile numbers (they were mine or my wifes) the phone was never answered because as soon as the mobile phone rang, we hung up. But Plusnet are now charging 37p every time we do just this. It is made up of a 22p call set fee (connection) and the minimum of one minute phone call even if we don't answer. I said to customer service, why weren't we informed about this change of policy and he replied "it isn't a change of policy, we never used to charge for it but now we do"!! I said, "well that constitutes a change of policy". He disagreed.

Be warned people, look at those bills at the end of each month!!

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Mobile Connection Charging

Hey @disgruntled,

I've replied to your earlier thread on this.