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Missing referral - inadequate response from CS

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Missing referral - inadequate response from CS

One of my referrals is missing this month - not a big deal I thought, raise a ticket and it will get fixed.  Have raised a ticket, which was responded to very quickly with the following response:

"Referral credits are only applied to your account when the customer you have referred pays their bill. If no payment is received this would be the reason why you are getting the referral credits.

There is currently an issue with our billing system which is preventing us from taking payments from some customers, if your referral is effected by this issue, this will be the reason you will not be getting the referral credits.

If this isn't the case I would recommend to check your next months bill and there may be a duplicate of the referral discount."


I know the other customer very well-  they have paid the bill, and isn't someone who is stuck in the billing system, so something else has gone wrong.

Please can someone have another look at ticket 201164150 - given the agent had all the information they needed to tell me why it's gone wrong this month I don't appreciate being given a generic response to a perfectly reasonable question. 

Many thanks.