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Missing £75 Cashback Voucher - Disappointed By Lack of Customer Service

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Missing £75 Cashback Voucher - Disappointed By Lack of Customer Service

Really dismayed to be sat here writing a complaint about the lack of customer service from a company, who apparently has "award winning UK customer service". Although 5 minutes looking through the forums would show I'm not the only one and I really regret having not looked at them before I signed up to Plusnet. 

As if not receiving the £75 cashback voucher was bad enough, the follow up has been painful and is as of now still unresolved.

My new broadband contract started on the 13th Nov 2020. The deal I signed up to was £21.99 per month for 24 months with a £75 cashback voucher. The cashback voucher was the thing that swung it for me.

However I was charged £23.29 for for first 2 months and probably would have continued to be so, had I not noticed this error. 

I called Plusnet and this issue was resolved and I took the opportunity to ask when I would receive my £75. The call handler said she would call me back, which she did and I was told the voucher email was sent on the 9th November. Having expected a physical voucher through the post I had not been keeping an eye out for an email but a quick check told me, I didn't have an email relating to the voucher. 

Plusnet told me they couldn't help me any further and to call Blackhawk on 0344 3815059. This is a Blackhawk number but after being kept on hold for a lengthy period, you simply just get cut off. I had to investigate the correct number myself and then eventually did manage to speak to someone at Blackhawk. They told me they couldn't help and Plusnet must reissue the voucher/code.

As you can imagine by now frustration levels are starting to rise and I'm left wondering, where is this award winning customer service?

I now ring back Plusnet again and am told rather abruptly, there is nothing we can do for you. I wanted the issue resolved so asked for it to be escalated to a manager and to this moment I am still waiting for the call back I was promised.

I don't want to continue in a contract with a company that has such little regard for its customers that it's not willing to honour its offer and worse, be rude and disingenuous. Plusnet/Blackhawk know the voucher code is unclaimed and so could easily reissue the £75 voucher which is due to me. It seems this is quite the modern day scam but one that will result in Plusnet losing my custom.

Please can someone within the customer service team help to me to find a resolution on this matter. I thank you in advance.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Missing £75 Cashback Voucher - Disappointed By Lack of Customer Service

Hey there @Richard23

Thanks for getting in touch with us here, and apologies I couldn't reach you over the phone just now. 

I'm sincerely sorry to read you've had some trouble with the redemption of the cashback agreed in your most recent contract and I apologise for the frustration and upset this has clearly caused you. This is really not the level of service we expect any of our customers to experience. 

I've checked over the account and provided a more detailed response for you here, and will be back in touch once I have an update from our billing team.