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Major billing problems!!!

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Major billing problems!!!

I just received an email from PN saying my bill was £76! Then another saying I owed them £24.99! So, I logged on to my account, and my bill total is £101!! Upon further investigation, I find that PN have happily taken my direct debit payments until November 18, and then stopped from December onwards. My DD is still active in my bank account, so why haven't they taken it (as they have done for the 2+ years that I've been with them!)? Now I have a huge bill, and frankly I'm outraged by their incompetence. My email from them informs me that this payment will leave my account via DD shortly. But, will it? Or, yet again will they fail to do so? Leaving me in an even worse situation. I'm thinking a change of suppliers is on the cards.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Major billing problems!!!

Hi @Cat79, thank you for getting in touch on our Forums.


I am sorry that you have been affected by a Billing issue, I have provided a more detailed response on the account here for you.

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 Lauren Barry
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