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Madasafish billing issue.

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Madasafish billing issue.

Hi, I have an old account (and a UK domain) which was transferred to Madasafish and then Plusnet. I've just noticed that I haven't received a bill since August and no direct debits have been collected since. I haven't received an correspondence about the service ending, could someone take a look at my account to see what's going on?

Madasafish account number; 558812
Last invoice received on 10/08/2018, number 104330398

I've had the domain/address hosted since 2000, I have no desire to lose it.


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Re: Madasafish billing issue.


I've had exactly the same but been assured we don't have to pay any more and our domains are safe.


Copy of email received from PlusNet confirming....


Dear ______,

Thank you for your time on the phone.

As per our conversation, you called to ask me why you haven't been billed for you domain account on your madasafish email and i advised you to my understanding domains have gone free of change since November.

Freenetname  smtpmail.  [full email address]  [username]  250MB

Please do not hesitate to get back in touch online via Online Chat or by phone on 0800 432 0200 if we can assist with anything else.

You can get answers to most questions using our support pages by going to Help and Support where you can find helpful guides for most issues.


Kind regards,

Yusuf Ahmed



Would be useful to get additional clarification though as I also have a domain I don't want to lose.


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Re: Madasafish billing issue.

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Madasafish billing issue.


Hi @CPhil and @RRM,


Thank you for getting in touch.


I can confirm that, from 01/09/18 onwards, all charges related to domains have been removed as part of the new billing project. You will not lose your domain unless you contact us to close your account.

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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Madasafish billing issue.

Thank you for the prompt replies, this is a relief.

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Re: Madasafish billing issue.