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Lost password to account and email

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Registered: ‎30-12-2020

Lost password to account and email


Late last year I reset both of the passwords for both my email (totalise) and my plusnet account, but since then, rather amazingly, I have lost the piece of paper with the new passwords on it (it's been a while since I logged in).

Seemingly I can hit "reset my password" on the login screen for PlusNet accounts services, triggering the system to email me a link to reset the password. But the totalise email address it's sending that link to (my registered email address on account) I also do not have the password to. On top of that, the Totalise webmail has no lost password function.

So what do I do for:

a) getting access to the broadband account

b) getting access to our 3 totalise email addresses (my nephew worked for totalise so the entire family had to open accounts...)

I called plusnet today but I just got bounced around for 20 minutes, and then simply left on hold listening to Chris Rea repeatedly breaking tier 4 travel restrictions.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!