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Long time customer moving home - best course of action

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Long time customer moving home - best course of action

I'm after a bit of advice from your collective wisdom.
I've been a (mostly!) happy PlusNet customer for over 10 years, and now moving home.
Ideally I'd like to stay with Plusnet and go the whole hog by signing up for unlimited fibre and also phone (currently PN broadband and BT phone). But as this is a wholesale change I'm evaluating my options, which appear to be:
- Move with PlusNet, but lose out on deals currently offered by PlusNet and other providers (esp. BT).
- Cease my PlusNet broadband account, and start from scratch. Could I then sign up for a brand new account with PlusNet and take their current offer (saving around £60 off normal costs - £25 cessation fee = £35 saving + lower monthly bill)?
- Migrate over to BT (saving £18 off normal costs + £50 Sainsburys voucher, but with higher monthly bill).
As I say, I'd like to stay, but I'd initially save more money with BT.
Obviously I'll chat to PN, but I'd appreciate others advice.
All the very best.
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Re: Long time customer moving home - best course of action

A call to the Customer Options Team on 0800 432 0200 or 0345 140 0200 could well be worthwhile. Taking home phone is likely to be part of the deal they might offer.
I assume you've checked that a fibre service is available at the property you are moving to?