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Line rental saver screwed up AGAIN; going to be charged extra AGAIN; no way of reaching CS AGAIN

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Line rental saver screwed up AGAIN; going to be charged extra AGAIN; no way of reaching CS AGAIN

Every. single. year. Plusnet screws up my line saver rental.

Last year someone name Jo Clark helped me with this and kept a ticket open for an entire year, and it was conveniently closed right before I was about to be dropped into customer service hell once again.

Once again I have paid line saver saver one year advance.

Once again you have decided you are going to charge me line rental monthly at normal rate.

Now I expect you to apply the line rental saver payment to my account as a normal credit instead of it covering one year of rental.


How. on. earth. do. i. stop. this. hell. from. recurring. every. single. year. ?


I'm sorry but I have just finally reached the end of my tether with you.  I have been patient for several years.  How can an internet company be THIS incompetent with billing?  I'd maybe expect it with the local greengrocer's website, but an internet provider?  


I can't use live chat on any browser due to an unresolvable cookie issue.  Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.  Impossible.

I cannot reply to tickets.

I cannot create tickets.

I cannot speak to anyone on the phone. Always being told the lines are busy and call back later. 

No, apparently I'm now forced to post issues related to billing [-Censored-]-ups here where the general public can read them and I'm fully expecting antagonistic replies from people who don't even work for Plusnet because that's generally the way when customer service is delegated to internet forums.

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Re: Line rental saver screwed up AGAIN; going to be charged extra AGAIN; no way of reaching CS AGAIN


I totally sympathise with you.

Plusnet have messed up my LRS payment two years in a row (crediting the payment but not adding the commensurate charge meaning I have a large credit balance but the LRS also worked!). This year I have now had 10 bills taken from that credit balance with no resolution in sight as I approach LRS renewal time again - assuming the system will allow such an action.

They have also messed up a recontract in March so that the recontract failed to complete properly meaning that the wrong (smaller) discount is being applied to my bills since then as well as other errors on my Member Centre..

This was being monitored via a ticket but that was closed by Plusnet so that, they claimed, they could concentrate on faults etc., during coronavirus crisis and the attendant pressures on staff. There did not seem to me to be any real reason why the ticket could not have remained open until the issues were resolved.

No further meaningful information has been forthcoming, and a PM to the CS staff member who was dealing with these issues has not had the courtesy of a reply.

Shocking customer service with the only routes for contact now being a phone line that is often unanswered, using social media or these public forums (where any meaningful response is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain). Live Chat, which you mention, has been abandoned by Plusnet - the links that are left on the website only take you to a sales bot. Don't blame any cookie issue, the facility is just not there!