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Line rental saver not taken off monthly fee

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Line rental saver not taken off monthly fee



Today I renewed my unlimited fibre broadband account with the £8 pm deal that I accessed via my online account.

When my confirmation email arrived, it said:

From 05/06/2020, your monthly subscription will be £27.99 for 18 months. (I thought I had signed up to £8 p/m?)
Following this your monthly subscription will be £35.98
Please note: This does not include the cost of any Add-Ons, call costs or call features.
When your Line Rental Saver contract expires, you'll also start paying £19.99 monthly line rental. (on top of the £27.99?!)


I believe my line rental saver contract is still in effect, and doesn't expire until September.

This would (by my calculations) mean that my costs would be:

June: £8 (bb only)

July: £8 (bb only)

August: £8 (bb only)

September: £27.99 (bb @ £8 and line rental @ £19.99, assuming I don't take another line rental saver)


I also received a separate email this morning regarding the price increases and adding 'credit' to my account for July, it's very confusing regarding what my monthly costs will actually be, as they don't seem to take into account my current plan.

I'd like to understand:

  • what my monthly costs will be going forwards
  • if I can purchase another line rental saver when my current contract expires in September.



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Re: Line rental saver not taken off monthly fee

IIRC the automated system gives "standard pricing", though my upgrade request email response today gave the correct data, but generated a "ticket" (#202415355) indicating my move from "ADSL 1 on WBC to ADSL 2+" had failed (it was a fibre upgrade to extra with a monthly reduction of 99p). Not a surprise, as my billing has been in error from June 2019 to April 2020, with corrections applied in May and June!

Hopefully, BT won't mess up, as the line has been stable for 67days 14h 11m


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