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Line rental saver - Should I renew?

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Line rental saver - Should I renew?

I'm on an 18-month contract and my line rental saver is up for renewal. If I renew it will take me 6 months past my current contract. I don't know how much I would be paying then and signing up for another 12 or 18 months would take me past the line rental saver period. It would be much easier if I could renew my line rental and broadband at the same time. As it stands I might just pay more for my line rental for 6 months then see what's available. 

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Re: Line rental saver - Should I renew?

I imagine it depends how likely you’ll renew your contract when it’s up for renewal. I believe line rental saver is due to be withdrawn from sale later this month so you’ll need to buy it quick one last time if you do want it