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Line renal tranfer

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Line renal tranfer


I have just transferred my line rental from BT to Plusnet.I want to know if I have to inform BT or do Plusnet inform them that I am tranfering.When will I need to cancel my D/D with BT?

I have tried to speak to someone from Plusnet about it but could not get a satisfactory answer.I don’t want to be billed twice,any help would be appreciated .



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Re: Line renal tranfer

Welcome to the forums @Dc3

The principle is that the gaining ISP (Plusnet) will inform the losing ISP (BT) that you are transferring.

So you do not need to tell BT anything. Indeed it can confuse matters and cause you problems down the line if you do tell your current ISP that you are leaving. 

Once you have transferred from BT, BT will issue a closing bill so your direct debit may still be need to pay that.

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Re: Line renal tranfer

Hi there @Dc3, thanks for getting in touch.


So when you switch over any of your services (whether it be phone & broadband or just a single component) we'll let you your old provider know we are taking services over. Your old provider will then inform you of any charges/fees due if any and will advise how to settle the final invoice -  I would suggest speaking with them in regards to your direct debit.

Your billing with us will stay on the same date and from the same account details we hold for you.


Hope this clears things up for you.

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Re: Line renal tranfer

I migrated from BT to PN just over three years ago, and it went pretty smoothly.  I didn't contact BT about the migration at all despite numerous e-mails urging me to contact their 'specially trained team'.  I was on quarterly billing with BT so they owed me money which was promptly credited my bank account.  If I remember rightly it was BT that then cancelled my DD.

You might find that you will still be able to log on to your BT account for some time (several years) after you leave and it might even say that your next bill is due in November 2028!  I think that is just BT's way of ensuring you are not billed the month after you leave.  (Perhaps something PN could learn from Wink )