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Line Rental

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Line Rental

You Know I was in the middle of a house move. You also should know I had problems with the internet connection. An engineer had to come out and fix it.
It was about the 8th August when I was able to read my emails and there was not one from PlusNet on the 21st July. I did get an email from you on the 18th July stating a new contract.
You must of known about this when PlusNet say they sent me a new contract on the 21st July.
THREE DAYS!! To change from one contract to another. That does not sound legal to me.
On the email from PlusNet dated the 18th July. It does say.
                                                                                            Thank you for calling in today and requesting a house move. The information below is what we will use to stay in contact with you.
                                                                                             Move date  23/07/2015.  Cease date  23/07 /2015.  Contact number  ***********.
You promised to contact me by phone. Why did you not contact me about any increases, It would have been sorted in seconds.
dick:blue Full telephone number and attachment with personal data removed to an area accessible to Plusnet staff.
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Re: Line Rental

Hi there,
You should probably remove your personal details from the post, this forum is publicly accessible.
If you spoke to us and agreed a new contract (which is normally what happens as part of a house move) you have a 14 day cooling off period from that date to notify us that you don't agree to the contract. If we're not contacted in that period the contract will be accepted.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff