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Line Rental Saver

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Line Rental Saver



I received an email about line rental saver - renewal reminder and clicked the link provided to pay in advance. My renewal date is 2nd September. However, when I click the link and enter my login details, I get the following message:


"We are in the process of generating your next bill. You will be able to add Line rental Saver as soon as your account has been billed. We will send you an email when your bill is ready".


The thing is that I have not been billed since last February. I phoned your customer services about it and was told that I was not the only one and that eventually I would be billed. It seems that your IT systems are in a bit of a mess.


Can you advise me what to do about this?



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Re: Line Rental Saver

As you have not been billed since last February, I would not worry about your savings re the line rental saver. As plusnet have stated that when and if their billing system gets up to date, the customer will only  get billed for their last 3 Months of account activity. Then they intend to offer that in instalments if customers are unable to pay.

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Re: Line Rental Saver

Hi @bulo


There's currently a ticket on your account monitoring your situation but as we're unable to bill you at present you won't be able to make any payments for services. You'll get emailed and called once we're ready and able to reactivate billing on your account until then enjoy the free broadband.