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Line Rental Saver

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Line Rental Saver

I received a renewal notification for my Line Rental Saver which expires on 12/02/2017. If I renew now does the new Line Rental Saver start from 13/02/17 for another 12 months?

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Re: Line Rental Saver

Yes. It starts when your current LRS ends.

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Re: Line Rental Saver


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 Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Line Rental Saver

Like many I guess I'm on 18mth BB contract and phone is on 12 month taking advantage of LRS saving.

New bundled packages from PN now offer either 12 or 18 month phone/BB packages, with 18mth being £advantageous£.

I'm in Market 1 area unfortunately, so we get low speeds and highest cost, though I recall only PN penalise people in Market 1;
their vanilla brand offered by John Lewis makes no such differentiation.

PN 18mth combined deal in Market 1 currently = £12.01, but just £4.51 in low cost; a premium of 166%.

My LRS expires 9/3/17 and the BB 10/8/17. (Customer since 2002).


As I don't want to commit to 12mths LRS until I know what will be best offer for an 18 mth combined deal, shame PN

can't offer existing LRS clients (with this dilemma) a deal on the period in between i.e. in my case from March to August

so  don't go back to pay full monthly line rental in intervening period.

In longer term hoping problem will go away with new combined packages assuming they'll offer 18 mth LRS package too?? Cheesy