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Line Rental Saver - impossible to take it up !

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Line Rental Saver - impossible to take it up !

During December I renewed my agreement with Plusnet.  At the time, your agent asked about the line rental saver which had  expired  I was told that I could renew it online


I've tried numerous times and keep getting the message:

You can't add Line Rental Saver for the moment. Unfortunately Customer Centre Members will not be able to do this for you either.

  • Our system may be updating. Please try again later.
  • If you find you can't add Line Rental Saver again, let us know using the Help Assistant.

It's annoying that I can't get this resolved, can't talk to anyone.  I now regret continuing with Plusnet, their customer service is as bad as ever once you are a member, but excellent when they are selling a new service to you!

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Re: Line Rental Saver - impossible to take it up !

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Re: Line Rental Saver - impossible to take it up !

I had the same problem in November. Apparently the new billing system doesn’t allow more than one change. As your renewal is in the system you cannot renew line saver. The plusnet staff need a training refresher as we both cannot be the only ones stumbling across this.

I was able to renew line saver once my contract renewed and complained accordingly for the misinformation.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Line Rental Saver - impossible to take it up !

Hi @homehighway,


I'm sorry to hear that, I appreciate you have attempted a few times to renew your Line Rental Saver. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.


I have looked into this and have sent you an update here.


Let us know if you need anything further.


Thanks - LF

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Re: Line Rental Saver - impossible to take it up !

I decided to renew my LRS.


Not easy, the link in the renewal email was a dead end, so I rang PN CS, with some trepidation, having read horror stories here


After only 10 minutes, I was answered, 5 minutes later my LRS was renewed, with confirmation email whilst still chatting to CS.