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Let's start again before I was Censored....

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Let's start again before I was Censored....

Plusnet have been constantly harassing me via email and text to pay a bill for services I don't have as I left the provider in May.

This bill was for a future month, not for anything 'owed' whilst in contract.


So due to threats of bailiffs, it's paid.  


Yep I've been forced by these bully boys to pay a debt that doesn't and couldn't exist for a service I cannot and can no longer receive.


Legal action will begin on Monday for the stress and anxiety caused by Plus.Net.


Beware, these people are disgusting and will do all they can to extract ££££ out of you, even after leaving them.


Does anyone have contact details for the office of Andy Baker?  I doubt he'll care but this will go legal on Monday and Trading Standards will also be advised.

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Re: Let's start again before I was Censored....


Details on the formal complaints process can be found here -

Andy Baker's email address can readily found on the internet - posting it here will only result in it being redacted. A complaint direct to his office will be handled in the same way as a complaint placed through the above process, so there is little to be gained going via that route.

As per the previous topic, your plight has been highlighted by the Superuser group - but it is a Saturday..,,
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Re: Let's start again before I was Censored....

Moderator's note:

Thread locked as OP already had a thread here that had to be locked.

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