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Left in August still taking direct debit

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Left in August still taking direct debit


I left Plusnet for BT in August 2020 and it's now December, I have just looked at bank statements that state direct debits are continuing????

One of £14.99 and two of £14.98!!

If I had not looked at the bank statements, how long would this have continued?Huh

This is despite going through all of the correct procedures to have my service transferred!

Absolutely disgraceful business practice and by all accounts, I'm not alone!

I'm about to phone up and woe betide who ever answers my call!

To everyone else who has an account with Plusnet, be very aware that this is a regular occurrence judging from reading through these forums!


I'm not amused and I will be taking this much further!

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Re: Left in August still taking direct debit

You may find it easier and quicker to claim the funds back to your acc via the direct debit guarantee . Ring your bank and explain, normally the funds are back in the acc withing 24hrs.(depending on which bank you use)
Good luck and let us know how you get on
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Re: Left in August still taking direct debit

I would advise contacting PlusNet first, keep the direct debit gaurentee in the bag of tools.
Make sure you have a record of your actions and write to them (recorded delivery) before attempting to recover funds.
I had a similar problem with Orange (now EE) over a billing [-Censored-]-up. I recoved the direct debit payments but EE wrecked my credit history (debt recovery) and I had huge problems getting a mortgage. Took months to sort out!