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Leaving plusnet

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Leaving plusnet

Had email from Plusnet this morning re price increases, we have fixed term price Fibre Broadband extra and the phone line. Never use the phone for calls and are paying £41 a month. They have told us of a price increase in October, am i right in thinking as they are going to increase the price we can leave Plusnet, seen a good offer on Vodaphone for same speed Broadband for £23 a month including line rental, normally £25 but as we have Vodaphone mobile contracts the price is cheaper, this is far cheaper than Plusnet. Do i have to phone to cancel our contract or just switch, i don't want to incur leaving penalties.


Any help appreciated

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Re: Leaving plusnet

I believe the law is you can, if the increase is above RPI.
(Retail Price Index).

Worth looking that up.

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Re: Leaving plusnet


It sounds like you are not a current contract price, but an out of contract price for your service.

You could try contacting the Customer Options team to see if they will offer a competitive  price (quote the Vodaphone offer). Do a search of the forum for Customer options direct number.

If you do decide to switch away, you goto Vodaphone and start a move, they will then do the necessary with Plusnet.

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Re: Leaving plusnet

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