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Leaving plusnet

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Leaving plusnet

Thinking of switching to BT, without phoning Plusnet is there a section on Plusnet we're I can find when my contract is up, I have an idea it was for two years and ends in March this year. I have looked all over my account page and can't find it, I'm sure in the past it was easy to find. Phoning them to ask isn't easy at present.

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Re: Leaving plusnet

easy way is to go here and select Product Change then after logging in Change My Products which will show your current contract then close the window


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Re: Leaving plusnet

No there is nowhere that this information is given.

A way around this is to look at (login required) and look for cancellation fees aginst your broadband product. This will be zero if you are out of contract now or very small if coming to the end of the contract period.

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Re: Leaving plusnet

Hi @denwyn,

If answered your question regarding your current contract here.


However I'd like to know why you're thinking of leaving us and ask if there's any help or support that you may require?



 Jono H
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