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Leaving before contract ends

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Leaving before contract ends

Have been with Plusnet a long time for fibre and phone, although we don't ever use the landline at all to make calls. Have noticed the bill has just gone up to £32.81 a month. Our mobile is with Vodaphone and switching to them for broadband is much cheaper, so i am thinking i may look into signing up with them. our Plusnet contract has about 6 months left, how much would i expect to pay to leave Plusnet before it ends. Oh and before anyone mentions moving our mobiles to Plusnet for a better deal. That is a definite non starter,we tried Plusnet mobile before and signal strength was abysmal. 

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Re: Leaving before contract ends

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Re: Leaving before contract ends

Contact Customer Options Team (aka COTS)

COTs is the place to go to if you want to find out anything to do with your contract in respect of leaving, renewing or simply enquiring about early termination charges (ETCs). They have their own number and tend to answer quicker than the general customer service number.

Direct dial numbers

  • 0800 013 2632(from within the UK)
  • +44 330 123 9197 (from abroad)
  • Available...
    • 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
    • 9am - 7pm Saturday
    • 9am - 6pm Sunday

 As for "Plusnet's" mobile signal strength ... if it is weak in your location, be sure not to choose another MVNO using the EE mobile network.  It is not so much that Plusnet's signal is weak in general, but more that EE's network coverage in your area is weak - much as it is in mine on native EE.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.