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Leaving Plusnet fixed contract

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Leaving Plusnet fixed contract

We have been with PlusNet for what seems like ever, at moment we are on a fixed fibre and phone contract which ends in March 2020. been offered a very good deal with Vodaphone, at special rate as we have a couple of mobile contracts with them, can you leave PlusNet with a fixed price contract, if so how much do they charge. Oh and before anyone suggests switching out mobiles to PlusNet, that is a BIG NO WAY, tried PlusNet mobile years ago, ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE

Any help or advice appreciated

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Re: Leaving Plusnet fixed contract

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Re: Leaving Plusnet fixed contract

Hi there, 


I'm sorry to see that you're looking to leave us. I've added a query to your account with the current cost to close your account here:



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 Adam Walker
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