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Leaving Plusnet - Will I be charged twice?

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Leaving Plusnet - Will I be charged twice?


The other day I phoned PN to cancel my service, purely out of necessity as I have moved out of my home into somewhere where I am not responsible for the internet bill. I was told that there is a 14 day delay for closing my account and therefore the account will close on the 23rd of this month with the termination fee payable then.

My problem is, I have noticed that my next bill is due on the 22nd of the month. Will I therefore be charged on the 22nd my usual bill and then further charged on the 23rd the termination fee for my account?

Seems wholly unfair if this is the case! 😬

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Re: Leaving Plusnet - Will I be charged twice?

There may be two charges, but your final bill will take in to account anything that you have paid, so ultimately the total will be correct, including (though it doesn't sound from what you've said that this would be the case for you) if you were due a refund.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Leaving Plusnet - Will I be charged twice?


Hi @jackdavies1, thanks for getting in touch. I can confirm as @pjmarsh has advised, that although a normal monthly bill will generate prior to your account closure, after 20 days of the account being closed a final invoice will be calculated with any refunds or final charges on there. This should include the vast majority of the monthly bill amount if you only received 1 day of service before the service was stopped.