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Leaving PlusNet early

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Registered: ‎24-05-2020

Leaving PlusNet early



due to working from home requirements, I have to look into getting faster broadband. Since Plusnet doesn't offer FTTP, I'll have to look at other providers.


How much would it cost me in early termination fees to leave Plusnet? My contract is still running until the end of the year and  I also have a phone rental saver prepaid until December. could I recoup some of the phone rental saver and offset it against the early termination costs?


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Leaving PlusNet early

I am interested in this information too.

Openreach installed fttp in my area two weeks ago and I am completely fed up with my Plusnet internet speeds going up and down like a yo-yo. It can range from 0.01mps (basically no connection) to 60mbps multiple times an hour and just keeps disconnecting me from things and buffering tv Shows/films non stop. It’s infuriating especially when I have faster fibre and am supposed to have a guaranteed minimum speed. My average speed is less than 10mbps so no point in my paying faster fibre when I could get faster speeds using your lower priced contract!

I have tried everything suggested to me by Plusnet but it works fine for half hour and then just goes back to yo-yo-ing again. I have 5 months left of my contract and also paid advance line rental saver.

I just want consistent speeds even if these speeds are less than I would expect. But the whole yo yo effect of the speeds just makes everything impossible. Up and down every few minutes and if I still had any hair left I would have pulled it out.

I need to love to a company that has more consistent speeds and takes my concerns seriously instead of just sending me to more help links which never fix the problem. Then say I will be charged a fee if someone comes out. I’m sorry but I already pay a monthly fee for this ‘service‘ that I’m not getting so I refuse to pay more fees for something that should be working already.

I have tried enough and now it’s time to shift from Plusnet.