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Latest bill and recent questions

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Latest bill and recent questions

Last Saturday was my billing date. The bill was wrong for the third month in a row. Each time I was able to phone through and get to speak to an advisor, although I was on hold for 40 minutes on Saturday. On both the previous occasions the overcharge, which amounted to £10 and £20, was refunded. This latest bill has an overcharge of over £200 due to inclusion of LRS. I was advised to cancel my direct debit, which I have done. I was told by the advisor that I would be contacted tomorrow to confirm the cancellation, and that the bill would be rectified once the failed payment is notified to Plusnet.

Please could someone please confirm that my broadband won't be restricted as a result of the failed payment. I will need to work from home soon.

Also, having looked through the Questions on my account, please could someone tell me what the closed question  is all about?

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