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Latest Price Hike

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Latest Price Hike

No mention on Plusnets web site, only found out about this through the press, anyway I was going to leave as I found a better deal but seems I have missed the window, I am supposed to have been sent an email (anyone else the same)telling me of the increase, problem is I never had an email but they are adamant they sent one but have no proof, so stick it next time I will find someone else.

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Re: Latest Price Hike

I had an email about a month ago I think. My phone is going up by £1 a month, but I'll get Caller ID for free (which costs 99p I think) I don't currently have Caller ID, but £1 seems worth it.

I've attached a snip of the important bit.

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Re: Latest Price Hike

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Re: Latest Price Hike

And plusnet are still insistent that it's not a price rise but a price refresh.

So my advice to my local council is at the next council tax rise hand out free toffee apples.

Then you can claim it's a tax refresh as you are getting something extra "free".