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Late date of cancellation and contract renewal

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Late date of cancellation and contract renewal



I am switching to another provider, my current contract ends on Sept 16, and the new contract start date is Sept 17. Seems pretty straightforward no?


Then I receive an email from Plusnet saying: Your broadband and phone service is scheduled to transfer automatically on 18th September 2020 and will result in the cancellation of your Plusnet account. This means that on this date, your services will be taken over by your new provider and you won't need to contact us to cancel your service with us.

Trying to get on a call with the customer service team (as chat has been closed down...) only to be told that "due to a high number of ... sorry for the inconvenience".


Does cancelling after the end date of my contract mean you're renewing my contract? Why is the date of cancellation not the end date of the contract?

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Re: Late date of cancellation and contract renewal


I'm afraid that it all comes down to when an Openreach engineer is available to make the changeover. This programming is not controlled by Plusnet or more probably your new ISP, it is not in either's direct control.

The procedure is that you will be charged for one month at the full out of contract price then a few weeks after you have transferred Plusnet will close your account and give you a pro rata refund. To allow this to happen do not cancel your Direct Debit until the account is closed.

Just keep an eye on things after closure. Such is the mess called the Plusnet billing system it is not unknown for Plusnet to keep charging after you have left and even pass charges on to debt collectors for money to which they are not entitled after the account is settled and DDs have been cancelled..

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