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It's impossible to make payments online!

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Re: It's impossible to make payments online!

08003284620 answered almost immediately this morning - it is the number for mobile phone  customer service.  Call was politely and quickly transferred.  Automated voice explained "we are receiving a lot of calls etc etc etc" - then "waiting time is around ten minutes" - then "we are sorry for making you wait" - really ?    13 minutes after dialling a hooman voice and 19 minutes after dialling my bill was paid. Good.  Bill paid by the same card which appears in my record.  I have screen shots showing my bill: your statement that I pay by card and the card concerned and the screen which states "there is a fault in our system please try again later or ring .... "   The human voice assured me that all problems are logged and flagged up at meetings and taken very seriously - so why do I suspect that on 7th July I'll be going through all this again ?  I had better mark my calendar to keep that week free.  Thanks in so far as this has been solved - no thanks in that I caused no problem in the first place. I am no less disaffected with and could not recommend to anyone.  Now I have a lot of catching up to do.