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It's Chico Time!

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Re: It's Chico Time!

Of the first two links you posted, it specifically referred to card payment issues in relation to mobile phones...

Customers – please do remember this when you call. We hate it as much as you; please don’t shout at us.

The first paragraph reads...

Broadband provider Plusnet has blamed a “system error” after a switch of payment providers resulted in the ISP failing to collect the January 2019 payments from a small number of their mobile customers.   The issue was corrected but some of those hit discovered that their credit files had been given a negative mark.

The second paragraph which you quoted seeks to conflate this issue (mobile phones) with the new billing system (broadband and land lines) which are not the same.

The third paragraph returns to the mobile phone billing issue..

According to MSE, the negative marks were present on credit files from March until late May 2019 but have now been resolved. The ISP has not contacted

Note that the 'blog' continues to muddy the water by referring to "ISP" where as in context it should have read "Mobile Phone Provider".

Reading further on you'll see that the comment from Plusnet refers to MOBILE PHONE users.

Hence my suggestion that the first link doe not have any real relevance to the discussion of broadband billing … and issues arising where the account holder does not have the funds to cover the automated payment.


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Re: It's Chico Time!



Thanks for that, But I'm restricted again, change of IP address. Hopefully this month I can change my billing date so the Direct debit falls after the 21st of each month. I changed it before, but I messed it up, and can only change it once every four months.





Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: It's Chico Time!

Sorry to see that, we're keeping an eye on the progress of the account issue that's prevented us from removing the restrictions. Here's a link to where that's been documented on a ticket - Adam 

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 Adam Walker
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