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To all concerned

I need an immediate response as to weather or not you got my last email?
I am furious with the service,
first of all you say my direct debit declined, though there should not have been an issue, as I had the funds, and all my other direct debits went out without an issue.
Secondly I tried to make payments on line, this was a difficult task as your payment section is confusing and sends you round in circles, and never once did it lead to a 'pay now' page!
Thirdly your 'chat to someone' online has not worked the whole time, I used several devices and used my mobile internet and my work wifi, so you can't say it was my disrupted service. (Which should never have been disrupted). I have also tried calling, and several times I was on hold for very long periods before the line went dead,
Forth thing on my list is that payment left my account but still my internet was not accessible. What is going on?
My last point is that when I finally get to talk to someone, they open a question on my account, and asks me to send proof of payment, so I send my proof, and get an email back saying that you don't accept emails!!!... Well you don't accept phone calls, or online communication either!!! I don't have psychic abilities, so that only leaves Royal Mail, so do I have to send you a letter?... Which leaves me to believe that your a communications company that you can't email? Speak to online? And struggle to even answer your phones?... Not good!!

You need to have a sit down and fix all the bugs, rethink your website, get an accounts department that knows what it's doing, have people to contact by email/online/phone as these are the basics of any phone and internet provider, are they not?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Issues

Hi there,  


I'm not sure why the payment didn't show as having cleared on our side before it left your account but thanks for providing proof and I can see our systems have caught up too. 



Do let us know if you're having any further problems. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team