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Is there any life at Plusnet?

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Registered: ‎18-08-2020

Is there any life at Plusnet?

New to Plusnet and im already having doubts.


Switched away from BT and it was just too expensive and despite the not positive reviews of plusnet I decided to give them a go.


Was supposed to switch over BBd and line from BT yesterday.

That hasnt happened.

My router hasnt arrived

Whenever I phone CS I get cut off because of high volume of calls.

DD details where set up incorrectly.

I was debited three times for my initial payment.

Please tell me it gets better.

Sorry for the whinge and keep smiling.

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Re: Is there any life at Plusnet?

Hi, being optimistic, it might; you did know that BT own Plusnet and it's their budget arm.

I'm guessing, but quite a number of folk here, including myself, have found that our initial BB order with Plusnet order was cancelled and we were not notified. We only found out by contacting Plusnet and 'raising a ticket'.

Your BB router should arrive a few days before activation, and you'll get an email to tell you it's on it's way, so it does seem likely that the order was cancelled.

Presumably you contacted the bank about your DD.

Good luck.