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Is line rental saver refunded if i leave plusnet

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Is line rental saver refunded if i leave plusnet

My contract ended a few months ago and my monthly bill has increased.

I have been unable to view renewal offers as I have the 'order currently being processed error' which has been there for months (I have reported this several times but there has been no resolve).

I managed to get through on the phone and was quoted a renewall price for a 24 month contract, which I'm not happy with.

I want to leave Plusnet but still have 4 months of prepaid line rental.

My question is:

Will this get refunded?

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Re: Is line rental saver refunded if i leave plusnet

I'm afraid not, advance line rental is not refundable unless leaving due to mid-contract price increase.

Given that, and the current circumstances, if I were you, I'd be tempted to stay put until closer to when your line rental expires.

At the moment, if anything goes wrong during a transfer, you could end up with no broadband/phone for a while.

Hopefully the situation will have improved in a couple of months...

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