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Incorrect monthly charge for upgrade

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Incorrect monthly charge for upgrade

Good evening 

I was on an ADSL broadband package for years and I paid like this :
- 12 months line rental saver pa
- Anytime phone package £8 pm
- BB £10.99 pm
- Discount £4.99 pm

My line rental saver was due to expire on  08/04/2020 and this year, it would be ~ £210.
I didn't want the phone package anymore, so I would be paying ~ £23.50 pm


I logged into my account, went to offers & upgrades and saw that I could get the slow 38Mb fibre incl. line rental for ~ £20pm ( can't remember exact amount ). So, I decided to upgrade to fibre instead.


I have now received the first month's bill and there are a bunch of charges which I don't understand. ( See attached )
I understand the £6.99 router p&p charge and £1.90 charge I incurred in making calls but the rest seem mind-boggling.


I called the Billing team and they said my new usual monthly charges would be £30.99 pm , which is not the £20pm I signed up for. I have been told that line rental was excluded when I signed up for the new contract. I didn't take a screenshot at that time unfortunately.


I can see that new customers can get the same package as me for £23.99pm. If I got to my account, the current upgrade offer available to me is £10pm ( See attached ) Who knows if this figure can be trusted!
Additionally, if I go to , I see

You're already signed up to Line Rental Saver.
This is due to expire on 08-08-2020."

But, I haven't paid for line rental saver this year??!?


To summarize, here are my questions :

- Where's my £20pm Fibre?
- What's with my bill ?
- Is this £10pm figure correct ?
- What is going on with my line rental saver ?




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Re: Incorrect monthly charge for upgrade

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Re: Incorrect monthly charge for upgrade


Thanks for getting in touch @FoxMulder I'm sorry for the confusion. It looks like you've since been in touch with us and we've got all that sorted out for you now. Let us know if you have any further issues.

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Incorrect monthly charge for upgrade

You are right. My concerns have now been taken care of, thanks to a knowledgeable and helpful member of the Billing team, who kindly helped me with a reasonable monthly charge.

For the rest of you,

DO NOT use the Offers & Upgrades section. It does not show the Line rental. Even if it's £0, that is completely incorrect!
There was a glitch at Plusnet's end. Hence, why the line rental was showing as due for expiry in August. Logging out and back in ( closing windows or restarting PC doesn't help ) cleared this.